Web Services

RGIS provides three web-based services that allow users to directly access statewide geospatial data and imagery without having to download and extract individual data files.

  1. Web Coverage Services (WCS): Provides raster-based geospatial data in GeoTIFF or other image formats for rendering, data extraction, and analysis.
  2. Web Feature Services (WFS): Provides for the querying and retrieval of vector-based geospatial feature data, including points, lines, and polygons.
  3. Web Map Services (WMS): Provides georeferenced map images for rendering and viewing within client applications.

Users can quickly and easily access these services through a number of desktop GIS software clients, including ArcGIS, QGIS, uDig, and others. Normally, all that is required for viewing these data in a software client is the URL to the web service. These URLs can be found as a Service link within the RGIS data repository if web-based services are available for the chosen dataset.

For more information on adding WCS, WFS, or WMS links to your client software, refer to:

  1. ArcMap
  2. QGIS
  3. uDig

Detailed information and technical documents regarding these services can be found at Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards and Supporting Documents.