Program and Mission
Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) at The University of New Mexico (UNM) develops, manages, and enhances the New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS) Program and Clearinghouse. Nationally, NM RGIS is among the largest of state-based programs for digital geospatial data and information and continues to add to its data offerings, services, and technology.

The RGIS Program mission is to develop and expand geographic information and use of GIS technology, creating a comprehensive GIS resource for state and local governments, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses; to promote geospatial information and GIS technology as primary analytical tools for decision makers and researchers; and to provide a central Clearinghouse to avoid duplication and improve information transfer efficiency.

As a repository for digital geospatial data acquired from local and national public agencies and data created expressly for RGIS, the clearinghouse serves as a major hub in New Mexico’s network for inter-agency and intergovernmental coordination, data sharing, information transfer, and electronic communication. Data sets available for download include political and administrative boundaries, place names and locations, census data (current and historical), 30 years of digital orthophotography, 80 years of historic aerial photography, satellite imagery, elevation data, transportation data, wildfire boundaries and natural resource data.

Statutory Designation
The New Mexico Legislature created the RGIS Program in 1988. In 2013, the 51st New Mexico Legislature designated the NM RGIS Program as the state digital geospatial data clearinghouse (HB493, signed by the governor on March 15, 2013). This designation recognizes the key role that geospatial data play in the continued development of the state’s agencies, economy, and educational and research capacity. The statutory designation, clarifies where the nexus exists for geospatial data activities within New Mexico, while recognizing that there are many participants and stakeholders in the development, management, and use of geospatial data. This legislation further defines responsibilities that enhance our (EDAC and RGIS) abilities to achieve our mandate; the designation, contained responsibilities, and capabilities reflect the long-standing RGIS mission.

Contact RGIS
The data are publicly available on http://rgis.unm.edu. Data sets that are too large to be downloaded from our site are available for purchase. To place a custom order, contact clearinghouse via telephone (505) 277-3622 or via email clearinghouse@edac.unm.edu.

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