RGIS – New Data Portal

The New Mexico Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS) has launched a New Data Portal (http://rgis-data.unm.edu/) for New Mexico GIS resources. The new data portal has an improved user interface to enhance user experience. The portal is in Beta stage and we are working to migrate all of the thousands of datasets from the old portal to the new one.

The new portal has enhanced functionality such as add and view data on the map (single or multiple datasets), the ability to view data attributes, ability to clip-zip-ship raster data for your area of interest, add data as WMS layer in ArcMap or user Web-map applications, perform quick measurements, and view coordinates. Additionally you are able to add third-party map services to the map while viewing RGIS datasets. The search functionality uses keywords, data type, or date. You can also search using a spatial filter of the visible map area or by drawing on the map.

Check out our video tutorials on YouTube Channel to get familiar with the new RGIS portal.

Provide feedback on the new portal at clearinghouse@edac.unm.edu. If you have suggestions for new datasets that you want to see on RGIS let us know.

Note: Check out the new data portal for new and upcoming data. The old RGIS data site will not be updated with these data sets.

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