New Mexico Lidar Data Status Map

New Mexico Lidar Status (Interactive Map) Increasingly, New Mexico’s key geospatial data needs must be met with high-quality, high-resolution, and current elevation data. Enhanced elevation data are essential to a broad and cross-cutting range of applications, analyses and evaluations, and established programs such as emergency preparedness, resource management, natural hazard … Continue reading

DEM Analysis – The many uses and derivatives of a Digital Elevation Model

DEM Analysis

Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) are raster files with elevation data for each raster cell. DEMs are popular for calculations, manipulations and further analysis of an area, and more specifically analysis based on the elevation. ArcGIS has several built-in functions that are very easy to use and will turn the DEM … Continue reading

Updating Archeological Site Field Data Collection Methods to Twenty First Century

In March of 2015, the Office of Contract Archeology (OCA) at the University of New Mexico began field testing various digital approaches to recording archeological site information. One critical piece of information for any archaeologist working in New Mexico is the Laboratory of Anthropology Site Record, simply called the LA … Continue reading

Up in Flames: Creating Defensible Spaces to Reduce Wildfire Damage


Urban development continues pushing farther out of cities and into wilderness areas for both primary and secondary residences. As a result, the amount of homes damaged due to accidental and natural forest fires continues to increase drastically. Along with this, there have been recent measurable changes in New Mexico’s climate. … Continue reading